MaxMilly – Silent Hill EP



Are you looking for a way to experience MaxMilly’s Silent Hill EP in a tangible, high quality format? Look no further than the hard copy CD!

CDs offer superior sound quality to streaming or downloading music, and they also provide a physical product that fans can collect and treasure. Plus, with the resurgence of vinyl, more and more music enthusiasts are starting to appreciate the value of owning a physical copy of their favorite albums.

This Silent Hill EP by MaxMilly is a timeless classic.  A release that features some of the best production and engineering in music today. MaxMilly takes you on a journey with vibe after vibe. This project is a new experience with every listen, whether in the car stereo, headphones or home system.

CDs aren’t just for music buffs- they also make great gifts! Whether you are buying for a diehard music fan or someone who hasn’t purchased a CD in years, a hard copy will be a unique and appreciated present. This hard copy of Silent Hill EP gives fans the opportunity to own a piece of MaxMilly’s art in a classic, enduring format.


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