First All Rap Concert in Berryville, AR History | Junior2Sav Interview

Recently, Berryville, AR had it’s first real local rap concert. The small Arkansas town has had live music before but this was the first true all hip hop event. We interviewed local indie rapper and promoter Junior2Sav for the scoop.

JB: Was this the first live music event you have promoted…

Junior: Yes, first live event I’ve promoted so far.

JB: I bet there were some challenges you had to face to make this event happen.

Junior: Many challenges, though the greatest challenge I had to face was overcoming the fear of failure. I overcame failure keeping momentum in my focus.

JB: Right on man. Which song is your favorite to perform and why…

Junior: “Barz” would be a solid choice!
The beat is energizing, uplifting, the lyrics are clean and serves a good message to the listener.

JB: And what inspires you to create the songs you create..

Junior: My inspiration comes from the reality we can be creative or as realistic as we can be as indie artist.

JB: What is your least favorite trend in hip hop right now…

Junior: Junior isn’t trending yet. Real talk.

JB: Ha ha! That’s what’s up. What’s your favorite new trend in hip hop…

Junior: NBA YoungBoy hit’n charts with Drake at his age is impressive no doubt.

JB: Is Arkansas slept on music-wise…

Junior: Arkansas is definitely sleeping on music, as alot of artist are emerging from the state.
But still yet to bring what’s long awaited.

JB: Tell us about the message behind your music.

Junior: Life is what we make of it! All we have to do is put our mind to accomplishment. We can achieve anything.

JB: Good message. Lastly, how would an artist go about performing at one of your future events?

Junior: Artist can contact via email “”


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