Slim Thug Advocates for Independent Artists

Slim Thug shares his views on self value and getting paid what you are worth.

Slim Thug chops up a million dollars worth of game (and a few million dollars worth of cars), with Gillie and Walo’s podcast in Houston.

Slim Thug was rocking shows from Texas to Louisiana when he was in high school.

Independent rap artists in this day and age should be aware of how priceless a catalog of music can be.

Slim Thug was getting money off the shows, the tapes, the merch. He saw the return of what he was putting out.

The teachers, everybody knew he was selling cds.

Slim Thug, at age 17, started with SwishaHouse in 1998. It immediately took fire.

The vibe was underground Houston rap. It was underground mixtapes. Freestyles over mixtape beats.

Slim Thug reminds viewers that Dj Screw gets all the credit as the originator of Screw culture. Screw pioneered this.

People finally woke up to what it was like in Houston when Slim Thug’s “Still Tippin” song took the world by storm. It was a movement.

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