The Magnificent Seven- Film Review


Review by Jay Benigno

Directed by Antoine Fuqua, Denzel Washington leads a peculiar band of gunfighters in an enjoyable Western based on the original Charles Bronson film.

A pissed off young widow throws bounty hunter Denzel a bag of gold, recruiting him, to help her town take their land back from a murderous industrialist.

The industrialist played his role very well. Dude had a cold stare teetering on an Iceberg Slim inspiration. He also knew how to assemble a small army of goons.

Conversely, Chisolm has quite the talent for putting together a team as well, just a more organic assembly. The final roster of the Magnificent 7…

A near mute ninja, a bear sized hillbilly, a black bounty hunter. A painted up Indian warrior. Ethan Hawke plays a sharpshooting hustler, the dude (I had to google this) Chris Pratt -ole’ hustlin’ ass, and a Mexican cowboy join the team.

I used to wonder why my Pop loved Westerns growing up. As I grew older I found a sense of peace watching old westerns my damn self.

Moments in this film nod to that same nostalgia, while still upping the ante, with light humor and vividly brutal action scenes.


-out of 5


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