The Last Of Us -Season 1 Review

By Jay Benigno

I do not know anything about whether the storyline stays true to the game. I have never played The Last Of Us.

I was aware of the game being popular. I thought I had an idea what season one of The Last of Us would consist of initially. I was wrong.

Getting right into it, we start with Joel losing his daughter to gunfire in the beginning of the mold outbreak.

Then we fast forward to when and where the mold has taken over the world and living conditions are savage.

The girl Ellie is found to be immune to the mold. She needs to be transported safely to study for a cure.

The earth is barren with few survivors. Infectious mold can control the corpses of it’s zombies.

If you step on mold it can travel through its network connections in the earth, awaken platoons of zombies, signaling them to your location. The plot is kind of dope, actually.

So, Joel, the guy that lost his daughter in the beginning, goes on a quest to deliver Ellie to the Fireflies.

Ellie is eager to learn how to use guns. Old boy is not having her holding guns at first. He cools out as the voyage progresses. He teaches her to shoot. Ellie kind of proves herself.

And then there’s the Clickers. They are like the big steppers of the veggie world. The Clickers remind me of velociraptors in Jurassic Park -type vibe.

With cabbage heads. A lot of good costume detail got put into the production. I saw a costume of the Bloater online for like 65 bucks.

Episode 3 was gay. The episode got a lot of media attention for being romantic. Well I think it was boring.

I have not played the game. I did not know this was in the game. I was wondering if I could recover from such boredom.

Really there are not as many action scenes involving the veggie heads as I would expect. But then again, that makes it more realistic in a way.

After powering through a long and dangerous journey, making it to the Fireflies to deliver Ellie, it seems that the cure would come at the sacrifice of Ellie’s life.

Joel was not having it. Dude slaughters any and all opposition in his path and saves Ellie. He then drives off with her half sleep in the back seat.

Joel snapped. End season one. Did I miss anything?

I am now invested in the story enough to come back for Season Two. Hopefully the action gets more intense.


-out of 5


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