San Marcos, TX CHASEISNORML Two Soulful New Albums – Official Interview

J.B.: Once again!! Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, we know you’re a busy guy.

Tell the readers where you’re from.

CHASEISNORML: I’m from San Marcos originally but really grew up in the country just outside the city.

In a town named Martindale. Spent time all over and have lived in many diff places…including large stints in Austin Texas and New Orleans Louisiana.

I’ve been making music since I was 16. So over 20 years….

J.B.: How many taco’s can you eat in one sitting…

CHASEISNORML: How many Tacos? A gross amount if I wanted.

I’m gluttonous at times. So it can get ugly.

J.B.: Your sound is unique. Who are some of your influences?

CHASEISNORML: Influences… Sly and the Family Stone. George Clinton. Boots Collins.

Frank Ocean. Michael Jackson. Alan Rayman. Phil Collins.

J.B.: Nice. What’s the title of your most recent project, how long did it take to complete production..

CHASEISNORML: I dropped 2 projects simultaneously.

One named Heart Break Hotel. And one titled Birden.

Heart Break Hotel

CHASEISNORML: I spent everyday for 6 months working on both of them.

Recorded over 60 songs.
So I’m sitting on leftovers for sure.

J.B.: Sheesh! Active. What is your favorite song from those recordings…

CHASEISNORML: My favorite song if I had to pick would be “Letter To Myself” It was very emotional for me to record etc.

Letter To Myself

And it is literally a letter to the young chaseisnorml. Explaining and apologizing for forgetting about that Chase.

The innocent dreamer I was and how I feel like I abandoned my values in a way.

J.B.: Where you get your style from? What fashion brands do you like, or whatever…

CHASEISNORML: My style is influenced and a result of my mom teaching me how to put outfits together out of things I’d buy at a thrift store or even wal.mart

….I like designer but spending thousands of dollars on clothes seems silly. I can put my self together just fine without Givenchy….I pride myself on that ability.

I think style doesn’t matter if you aren’t confident. So I put that on first…the rest is easy peezy..

J.B.: Bars. If you could only teach your teenage self one thing about the future of the music business, what would it be?

CHASEISNORML: People don’t care about your music off the bat…they don’t have to.

…and won’t even click on one song unless you interact with them on the regular.

They want to feel like they can hang out with you. They want to tell people they know you.

They want to feel important. They want to feel apart of what you got going…

If you aren’t famous and want people to play your stuff….make them feel like they are no different than you.


J.B.: Good advice. Last question. Tell me where you see yourself five years from now.

CHASEISNORML: In 5 years? Who knows….I just know that if I’m still here….and the world hasn’t kicked my ass by then…I’d like to think I’m fighting the good fight….

Being a good person…remaining with my heart in-line with my mind…and vibrating high….loving myself and perhaps someone else.

But Def still being a awesome Dad…that’s all that matters to me. Not putting anymore toxic people in the world.

So in 5 years…I think my sons should be great young men.


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