Who is the Best Independent Rapper?

who is the best independent rapper

Many up and coming rap artists are grinding it out in the independent rap genre and seeing success. Who is the best independent rapper?

Streams, views, underground buzz, viral activity and sold out shows are factors to help determine who is the best independent rapper.

Staying in the spotlight means more money. Still, it can seem like you need tunnel vision to keep up with rappers who work around the clock.

Healthy collaboration keeps the indy rap scene flourishing as we move into the year 2023.

So, as another wild year comes winding down, indie rap artists are wanting to know – who is the best independent rapper of the year?

My guess is Tech N9ne. Tech N9ne has been ranking as king of the hill for many years.

In the art of independent rap Tech N9ne is a master craftsman.

He might be the most successful rap artists alive and also has one of the best lyrical deliveries. I truly think that Eminem had to step his flows up once Tech N9ne hit the scene.

Who is the best independent rapper could be determined by who continues to gain fans, keep fans, give opportunities to other artists, create new businesses, etc.

Legends Never Die

Rest in Peace to Young Dolph and Nipsey Hussle two of the best majorly successful indie rappers we lost.

E-40 has been mentioned for who is the best independent rapper.

I chopped and slowed a D-Shot record. Should throw some E-Feezy on the turntables later.

E-40 has always been an innovator of slang vocabulary in Hip Hop.

who is the best independent rapper

Another candidate for who is the best independent rapper out right now is Curren$y.

I have never seen him live, but would love to book an artist to open for Curren$y.

We could go on all day, but I am eager to hear from our readers.

Tell us YOUR pick for best independent rap artist of 2022 below!


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