Swishahouse Artist Highway Yella “Off the Porch”

Highway Yella, Off the Porch
Swishahouse Highway Yella and son

Giving Back to the Community

Swishahouse artist and S.E.A. nominated Mixtape Artist of the Year, Highway Yella, has been making a positive impact.

He helped Houston, TX’s Urban Goods shop give out five hundred book bags for back-to-school kids in August.

Now, Highway Yella kicks September off with more positive vibes.

Swishahouse artist Highway Yella at his first Off the Porch interview in ATL

A Fantastic Voyage

Traveling to Atlanta, GA for his first interview on the popular Dirty Glove Bastard series, Off the Porch, found Highway Yella in good spirits.

He was accompanied by Dj Twist Money, as well as one of his day one friends. He also had photographers along for the journey.

Swishahouse logos were popping up on social media everywhere. Bringing fans “along for the ride.”

Swishahouse Yella  behind the scenes

Not to mention, Highway Yella’s oldest son was by his side for the experience.

The first Swishahouse artist to appear on Off the Porch might also have been the first to have his son appear with him!

“Man, I just thought about it. I could be wrong, but I think I may be the first rapper to literally have his kid on Dirty Glove Bastard (laughing).

If not, it still meant the world to me to have him as part of the interview,” said Highway Yella.

The “last Swishahouse member” continues on the subject explaining how important it is for dads to be in their children’s lives.

Swishahouse’s Last Member

This episode of Off the Porch is a good introduction to the man behind the mic, whether you are a longtime fan or recently getting familiar with his music.

In the interview Highway Yella shares stories about his history. He talks of independent southern rap label founder and CEO Dj Michael “5000” Watts.

He shares what it was like to get his first official Swishahouse chain, how he got the name Highway Yella, and more.

Check out the full unfiltered episode below. Make sure you like and subscribe to the channel!


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