“I KNOW PEOPLE WHO LISTEN TO COUNTRY…” A Rap Veteran’s Reaction To “Keep The Wolves Away” by Uncle Lucius

Keep the Wolves Away – Uncle Lucius

Song Review by Jay Benigno

Acoustic strums, plucks and twangs of strings effortlessly lay foundation to slow country vocals and deep lyrics on this solid record performed by Uncle Lucius. Slow and low delivery with a mild harmonica and a great storytelling vibe kept me interested as a first-time listener when hearing this hit on local radio station KTHS.

As a hip-hop expert I instantly went to thinking of ways I might be able to incorporate this song into something a little more hardcore, so you may be hearing an interesting blend on an upcoming live mix. One thing that stood out was the bridge, which includes a whistling solo, sure to keep listeners laid back and enjoying the mood over a cold bottle of beer whether at a live show or around the house.

Uncle Lucius’ lead vocalist narrates a story about how his father worked hard to provide for his family and fought like hell to “keep the wolves away.” Now it is the son’s turn to do the same, yet through the craft of music. Soulfully describing the working man’s will to survive and protect his loved ones, this song can connect with any grown man who has seeds to feed, bills to pay and precious lives to be present in.

The visuals on the Keep The Wolves Away (Official Video) deliver cinematic representations of the song in a way that I wish was utilized more often in the Hip Hop genre meaning relevant to the theme of the lyrics. Scenes portray a young boy and his dad reading about the “big bad wolf” before bedtime and the boy being left in his room alone tucked in bed with eyes wide open as his dad walks out the door and shuts off the lights. Uncle Lucius performs as well, giving viewers a taste of what it might be like to catch one of their live shows. If you enjoy a slower more folksy style of country music this could be one you give a healthy amount of replay.


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