Wolf’n (Reputation)Aveon Winfield, JayJames

Single Review by Jay Benigno

We know you are hungry for hip hop hits that get shit lit this Summer and because “Wolf’n” drives home with a steady hammering beat and punchy lyrical delivery from Grand Chain, Illinois lyricist Aveon Winfield, you should check out this first record off Aveon’s new album. Serving up sonic swordplay of the rarest form, from the WeAreUs camp, is CEO Aveon and JayJames on the You Tube release of “Wolf’n (Reputation.)”

When I caught up with Aveon and asked him if this record is from the new album he responded,

“it’s a single so yeah…the album is going to be different. Nothing sounds the same. Its only 20% done and it’s going to be industry quality. 6 songs mixed right now, but I can drop them and still stand out thanks to Dra Dadon and Logan Spalt . What I have recorded right now might not even be on the album.”

Through a two-step tempo of kick drum, high hat and drum-stick chops the foundation is set for light piano keys and twisted cello strum. A concentrated dose of Hip Hop for an almost hypnotic experience. From bars like “she swallowed my kids so i cant claim them on taxes” and “ought to beat your ass if I see ya in the street” Aveon throws his weight around almost like he is baiting you in for a closer look at what he can bring in the verbal arena.

“All these N**gaz wolf’n I dont know who to trust…”

“N**gaz sleepin on me even though I stayed up”

Be the first to hear the limited edition release in the the link below.



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