“I KNOW PEOPLE WHO LISTEN TO COUNTRY…” A Rap Veteran’s Reaction to T-SHIRT by Thomas Rhett

So Gabrielle throws me T-Shirt by Thomas Rhett and I’m like okay you are rehired. Although the name Thomas Rhett didn’t sound familiar the title of the song did. I already knew it was one I would enjoy writing about. Kind of old though is it not? The answer, being yes, only further proved the catch of this jingle. Within the fathoms of imagination in my brain mass I recreated a faint reach of performance of the melody.

Tee Shirt by Thomas Rhett can be summed up in one word: Punchy. The precision timing of the rhythm, which as organic as it sounds, could be considered as sampling and sequencing, is so damn punchy and masterfully engineered that I have got to call it… country-pop. (Some of us have a love hate for.. you know.. the word I just said.. country-pop.) Each simple loop delivers isolated energy that would keep a dancefloor jumpy and the record label getting money. You would be a dummy not to nod your head and tap your feet when this song breaks silence full blast, stark middle in the dread of a boring small-town day.

In the music video for T-Shirt on Vimeo, Thomas Rhett jams out in a traditional modern all white studio set with occasional green screened vintage filter background footage and glitch effects. Kicking his southern script on the mic, rocking a blazer and blue jeans, Mr. Thomas Rhett performs with positive fun confidence fitting for a song with lyrical content describing a hot encounter with a sexy woman.

Any real man, who has enjoyed the glow of a woman’s aura, her hair destroyed, basking in the comfort of one of his favorite tee shirts after being pleasurabley pummeled as the result of a pillow fight turned freaky, can relate to scenarios in this song. Although this hit is like 7 years old, and I would rather be discovering new records, if you are new to Thomas Rhett’s music, hearing the hooky single Tee Shirt could lure you in as a fan.


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