“POPPIN’” by CASINO ATX- Official Song Review

Poppin’ – CasinoATX

Song Review by Jay Benigno

Poppin’ sparked my intrigue, starting momentum with some sample DJ effects, followed by late night club vibes of high hats, 808 drums, violin strings and a 3-6 Mafia type hook. CasinoATX, from Austin, TX, jumps on beat with a comfortable southern flow sounding so at home on the microphone you can almost picture him tearing the club up at a live performance on 6th St. (At this point in the review I transition from Tidal to YouTube for the video.)

The video by Eric Sattler is well done. Great lighting, directing and amusing scene content. The tempo of the song combined with CasinoATX‘s lyrical macking makes this single fun, sexy and fly: definitely not a buzzkill for the ladies. This is a solid club record with great production and radio potential. CasinoATX’s subtle metaphorical songwriting is light enough that it doesn’t break up the flow. Poppinwill get the party started like an ice-cold bottle of that good champagne.


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