“MR. AMAZON PRIME” BY TOOLMAN – Official Song Review


Review- by Jay Benigno

First off, the instrumental of Mr. Amazon Prime by Toolman had me vibing to the beat, shrugging my shoulders, nodding in approval. The style of the beat is something like a west coast meets third coast sound which gets right to the point and doesn’t lose the listeners’ attention. Toolman has his flow perfected and came correct, keeping the groove going. He even changes it up here and there, but not too much, ensuring it stays consistent yet interesting.

Street energy and hustle game interweave through these bars, giving the listener motivation, letting the music world know exactly how Toolman is coming. He puts you up on game, letting you know how he came up off the rip, a valuable lesson in “no rap cap.” Toolman stays on subject all the way through and does not deviate from his formula, proving his songwriting skills are sharp. Lyrically, there’s enough content to keep me replaying Mr. Amazon Prime more than once, which to me is always a big plus.

For the sake of constructive criticism, the mixdown could use some minor adjustments to achieve a higher caliber of sound quality, whether on the beat-producers end, the sound engineer’s part, or both, yet this will go unnoticed to most. Mr. Amazon Prime also had me smiling when he shouted out the 44, an Austin, TX neighborhood I have some good memories in. Quite simply, this a very well-done song that you can’t get from an amateur rapper. For a first-time introduction to Toolman‘s music it left a great impression, and I am already heading back for more.


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