“Jeen-Yuhs” Episode ii -Review By Gabrielle Lamontagne

Jeen -Yuhs Episode ii: PURPOSE

– Review by Gabrielle Lamontagne

This episode details the first extreme road block Kanye West hit in making music – other than the fact that everyone still considered him a producer more than a rapper. It goes through every aspect of how his music and life and friendships – and work ethic – were affected by this incident and how he recovered to become one of the most famous contemporary Rap artists.

While still including some personal life moments, this episode mainly delved into the process and time during which Kanye worked on his music while he was still considered “up and coming”. It focused on Kanye’s passion for writing and performing Rap music and what it took for him to complete his first album.

Overall, it was a much more informative episode and much less about the heart of his operation. Though I did find it drier because it focused so much on the details of the “what” and the “how” (rather than the “why” and the heart-warming aspects of his life, it was still an interesting piece and worth watching. It certainly has that dramatic thrill at the start that leaves you wondering how he got to where he is today considering the scary events he’s lived through.


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