LORDS OF CHAOS Film Review by Gabrielle Lamontagne

Lords of Chaos Film Review
By Bri Lamontagne (DJ Bri)

This film seems like a very honest, autobiographical retelling of the life and times of the band Mayem – the first Norwegian Black Metal band. It was filmed in a documentary style, for the most part, though there’s a nice mix between voice over narration and scenes with dialogue.

Violence is a main theme, including suicide, arson, and torturous murder by multiple stabbings. As the physical violence escalates, the music aspect of the band and label’s inception seems to devolve, which makes sense since the leader and narrator seems uncomfortable with these acts, but still encourages them because they fit the brand he’s been creating. It started because he didn’t want to admit that the concept of people committing suicide due to love of his music was for the image of the band, but claimed it was truly what they wanted. As others began to show what violent crimes they were inspired to commit based on that original concept, he seems to become more uncomfortable, but doesn’t want to seem weak or attention-seeking, and so he continues to encourage the acts – though after the murder he did try to regain control by telling his “black circle” to “lay low”. Even so, he felt like he’d lost control of his group, his life, and his mission.

The film is extremely psychologically dark, though there’s a little friendship and romance tossed in (which I’m sure was accurate to the story, as well). The film even deals with different ways people handle grief. It’s an interesting – and extremely scary and gory – story, but it’s also extremely well told and well filmed.


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