“Up Next” – 3rd Eye Interview by Ladii Fynesse

How did you all meet or what brought you all together?

“We actually met through school, we never really hung out but we knew of each out and knew music ran through all of our veins. I actually reached out to Tee first in 2018 and we created our first song, Tug of War, produced by Catch22beats. Pretty much after that I knew who else was missing from this movement and just knew from what I’d heard from his lyrics and style I had to reach out to Jimmie tha God. We then created a track called, San Martians, produced by Catch22beats. Once that released the people went crazy so we knew needed to create this group.” – Isaac

How did you get introduced to the rap game?

Tee: Me personally, I’ve been around music my whole life. As far as rap goes, my uncle listened to a lot of west coast and southern rappers – NWA, Mac 10, Snoop, 2Pac, Master P. Really I just loved the sound of all of it and as I grew older I got to be able to listen to their lyrics and the way they all flowed differently.

Isaac: All of us grew up differently but we all knew music was definitely a calling to our lives. I was introduced at a young age to rap mainly Texas artists by my older brother and sister always jamming ABN, UGK, and all the main underground Texas artists you can really think of. Once I was older I started exploring more music.

Who are your biggest influences to continue in this game?

Isaac: Well, it’s been a blessing so far on my journey I actually am the first in my small town of san marocs to have a project featuring 4 huge artists from Strange music (Tech N9ne’s label). Some have went on their own but I was still able to put this together for me and my crew. I want to give a huge shout out to my good homie JLBHOOD he’s truly helped me throughout my journey with spreading our songs to everyone and it’s just a great feeling to have that respect from artists at such a level. I really look up to my Strange fam because this underground game isn’t easy but we are all trying to succeed, we all gotta eat.

Tee: I’d definitely have to say that the people I have around me in my life in general are my influences to keep going. My support system – my family, my best friends, the people I’ve worked with over the last couple of years since I’ve gotten deeper into this have all been amazing and they make sure that I keep going.

Where should a new artist start to seriously begin a rap career?

Tee: I think from the group up is the best place to start and that’s only because once it’s established, nobody can take it away from you. Honestly from wherever they might be at with it currently is just as good. As long as they take it seriously and stick with it and put in the work behind it.

Isaac: From what I have learned about this game, just be yourself and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t because anything is possible if you truly believer in yourself and your craft. That’s the most important thing to me if you want to become a real artist, then do your studies and get yourself in position.

Describe the biggest show or event you’ve ever rocked.

The biggest show we’ve had was actually not too long ago, we co-headlined for Texas legend Z-ro at Texas Ski Ranch, it was the biggest crowd we have had thus far.

Your go to munchies to eat after a long studio session?

Isaac: I’m really fucking hungry no lie so Whataburger is a must for me lol

Tee: Get me to Pluckers, Whataburger, or City Market and I’m good to go honestly

What is the main message that 3rd Eye is trying to deliver to the public?

Real music and real artist still exist. There are still artists and engineers or producers that still care about the music and the work that goes into it. We really just want to open peoples eyes with our creations of music. We want to you all into our world!

Where can we check out your music?




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