“Going All In” …The Real Life Lukazi Interview by Ladii Fynesse

  1. How has your high profile social media fame affected your everyday life?

My high profile status on social media has definitely affected my life because when you have that status you have to spend a good bit of your time on all platforms. It kind of takes away from other things you could be doing like writing or being in the studio but on the other side of that I love it. In my opinion it is how you build your following and fan base. Direct engagement with the fans is how you build your team and get everything strong where you need it; all that happens on social media.

2. Describe the point in your life when you decided to go all in with this rap shit.

It was probably 7 years ago when I moved to Wichita, Kansas when my bro brought me from Raleigh, North Carolina. I decided to stop hustling and change my life. This was my third time being out of prison and off parole and when I got here I put everything towards my music. I put everything towards the label as a whole, towards my position as the Vice President at first and then everything else second. Deciding to change my life was what made me go all in.

3. If you had to sacrifice one skill, which talent would you least like to let go of and why?

This is an easy one for me, I would least likely want to let go of my ability to be able to write and create music. I mean that’s one big part of my life. It is how I release aggression. It’s how I release anger, depression, love, it’s a healing form for me you know. It’s therapeutic definitely. So definitely my ability to be able to create music.

4. Name a song off top that you would drive around with your windows down blasting at high volumes.

T.I. – Top Let Back

5. How do you go about putting your lyrics together? What is your creative process like?

It just depends really, there’s a few ways I go about it. Sometimes an idea will just strike me out of no where being in the shower, smoking, etc you know whatever I may be doing and then I’ll just start writing based off that without a beat or anything and then I will put to a beat at a later date sometimes I will say okay it’s time to write a song and sit down and create a song on the spot to a beat. A song never takes me more than 30 minutes I would say or if it’s two versus maybe 45 minutes to write and then I put it on my phone. I then get in the studio, memorize the cadence, and put it down; of course you have to do it a few times until you get it perfect. Shout out to my brother Noxbound that’s who instilled that into me and when I say that I mean your structure as well.

I appreciate (IndyRapArt) taking the time to interview me . You know it’s Next Level Dj’s, Real Life Mafia Musik Family, Highway Gang to the death. Savage Life Trill Ent Savage Life to the grave and it’s all a full Circle!


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