“I Know People Who Listen to Rap…” SPECIAL by IMABDA1 Review

“Special” by Imabda1 Review
by Bri Lamontagne

SPECIAL” by Imabda1 is more Hip Hop than Rap, considering it’s slower lyrical style. This is a love song, though the vocals are somewhat rough and out of harmony, unlike most popular music – a style more common in the Country genre. The lyrics are well-written with a varied vocabulary, though. As the song continues the synth beat that comes in adds the Hip Hop feel to the song. The verse lyrics also use repetition to emphasize line endings, especially ones that almost rhyme like the first word “behold” and “alone” or “you” and “lose”.

The chorus is more like traditional Rap music in style, though the lyrics are still more romantic more than traditional Rap songs which usually focus more on the physical aspect of the relationship than the emotional aspect. They’re fast, but still slow enough to be easily understood, which I enjoy. It’s so fast I almost miss some of the references to pop-culture in the mix, but they’re there if you listen through a few times in a row. There’s something new to focus on each time.

While the Rap genre isn’t known for it’s emotional love songs, it’s nice to see it shifting. People in every walk of life go through these kinds of feelings or relationships, so it’s nice to see it finally starting to be represented in Rap music. I’m also glad it’s acceptable in modern music for men in every genre of music to be openly vulnerable in this way.

It’s short and sweet and well worth a listen.

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