Rap Review: MaxMilly – Cannot Stay

“Cannot Stay” by MaxMilly Review

“Cannot Stay” by MaxMilly starts with music and vocal trills. It sounds like an *NSYNC song, or at least the background of one. That might not be enjoyable for those who enjoy the rap scene, but it might be my favorite part of the song. It then transitions into lyrics by MaxMilly. They are slow to the point of depressing the listener due to the backing of a slow synth beat. The beat may be “hip”, but it’s not very “hoppy”, though it’s a Hip-Hop song.

Technically, the lyrics are understandable, which I usually like. That makes my job of interpreting the meaning of the song easier, and therefore more enjoyable. However, it’s hard for me to understand the meaning of these rap lyrics. I recognize the words being spoken (as it’s more of a spoken-word pace), but even despite the repetition, it’s confusing. What is the message of the song? Is this a break up song? Is this a song about being oppressed by society? There are references to feeling like a vampire and being scared of heights. Yet, I can’t drag an appropriate meaning to light from these supposed metaphors, nor from the combination of the two.


Maybe someone with more experience and interest in Hip-Hop and Rap music will be able to pick apart the song to reveal it’s true meaning, or to find it enjoyable without needing to know what it means. For those who love Hip-Hop music, this is definitely one to check out when you’re in a low-intensity mood.

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April 2, 2020


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