I Know People Who Listen To Rap… YASTA by Billy Baggz Review

“Yasta (You Can’t Catch Me)” by Billy Baggz Review
By Bri Lamontagne

This song by Billy Baggz is a throwback to the “gangsta” Rap of the ’90s. The beat is heavy and pulsating, with a high pitched siren blasting in the background. The lyrics are layered over each other at various times, with an addition of odd phrases shouted in a scratchy voice, similar to the beginning and end of Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It”.

The theme of “YASTA (Can’t Catch Me)” seems to be the struggles of living in modern America, amid political turmoil and continued white privilege. The lyrics that aren’t backed by other lyrics are still somewhat muffled and pass by too quickly to hear properly. There are a few clear lines of metaphor that could be considered beautiful and poetic, though those terms are probably not used with Rap music very often. There are also a few noticeable pop-culture references, but I couldn’t make them out well enough to understand the relation to the rest of the song.

It’s definitely unfortunate that the issues often discussed in this genre, such as police use of excessive force and white privilege continue to be issues in America, as well as across the globe. The need for people of color and other minorities to be paranoid that they are constantly under attack may seem to many of us unfounded, but after the past several years it has become clear that it’s not. The world is still hurting and people en masse are not as compassionate towards other groups as they should be. I’ve never enjoyed this type of song, not because it’s wrong, but because it hurts my heart too much to know how true it can be.

However, these songs are relatable to so many who are struggling in this world for that very same reason. So if you’re one of those who feel that the world is against you, you might enjoy this edgy song.

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