I Know People Who Listen To Rap… “OKAY” YT Video by Chaseisnorml

“Okay” by Chaseisnorml Music Video Review
by Bri Lamontagne

The music video imagery of “Okay” by Chaseisnorml fits well with the content of the song. The images of fire and the singer’s passion as he sings relate to the pain in the lyrics, which are relatable because everyone knows how it feels to go through that same type of pain, whether through a break up or through failure in another arena of life.

One of the few problems with the video is that the singer’s lip syncing to the song is not properly synchronized. This may have been an editing issue, but it makes it obvious that the singer is not singing the song as he performs for the video. It makes the video harder to watch, even though it would otherwise be enjoyable. While most singers do this, it usually at least seems to the audience in modern music videos that the singer is singing as well as performing during the video, rather than lip syncing.

The back-beat of the music helps give the song an enjoyable vibe and fits well with the energy of the performance and the fire imagery. The way these two pieces of the video are welded together with fading that gives an old T.V. static feel also relates well to the passionate pain of the lyrics. I’m not sure why it gives me that feeling, or why static-looking images amp up the passion in his performance, but that’s the vibe I get watching those scenes.

The meaning of the clock imagery towards the end of the video is unclear. Perhaps it relates to the length of time that the narrator has endured the pain of his current situation or the events leading to it. However, since the video is more about performance and imagery than showing a narrative, it’s less important to the viewer to understand the precise meaning.


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