Tape Corner: “Winter Inferno: Vol. 1” – D.J. So Shrewd

By DJ Bri

The Winter Inferno: Volume 1 Mixtape Album is a new collection of Rap songs about strife and love in modern society. Organized by the founder of Pound-the-Pavement.com and Chopsnake Clothing, the collection includes music from artists such as MaxMilly, General Chryst, Chaseboy, Tha Nox, and Lungz. I’ll discuss a few of my personal favorites, but you might prefer one of the love and heartbreak songs or something more “gangster”. Personally, I’m a fan of the songs that grip my emotions.

Loco” by Humble Prophets and featuring Levi Deadman is a tribute to the difficulties of life in 2020, from the craziness with the global pandemic, missing family, and job loss to social and political issues. The jazzy tune behind the steady rap beat adds a calming quality. The refrain, “hard living without acting loco/try to make it harder that’s a no go”, is absolutely relatable. It’s definitely a jam worth listening to if you’re still feeling the strain of the last year, especially as this year has not yet been as different as we’d hoped.

Mama Told Me” by Mike C_Da Champ and featuring Boosie Badazz is all about growing up in a tough world, where his mom both encouraged him to live a good life and feared for his life, but stood by him no matter what. Although uncommon in most Rap music, it’s heartwarming to hear how much the narrator of the song appreciates his mother and the struggles she went through when he was growing up. He was trying to fit in with his peers, but she was trying to raise him to be a good man but also to teach him how to keep himself safe in a scary world. Even though I didn’t grow up on the “mean streets” and I didn’t have to struggle to stay safe or be accepted due to my race, I did have parents who tried to protect me and who continue to stand by me. It’s important to remind yourself and them how much you appreciate them, whether in person or through musical tribute.

331” by General Chryst and featuring Scott Damage is about being “self-made”, a story of growing up poor and building a successful adult life off of hard work, “street” knowledge, and faith. It’s a very brief song, but it’s got a good back beat and a relatable refrain.

Whether you’re a fan of a steady groove or a funkier upbeat tune, there’s something for everyone on this collection. For fans of Rap music, the Winter Inferno Mixtape is definitely a collection you’ll want to listen through – possibly on repeat.



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