I Know People Who Listen to Rap… “Yoga” by 645AR

Yoga” by 645AR Song and Music Video Review

By Gabrielle Lamontagne

While the official music video for this song is very eye-catching and a bit psychedelic, I’m glad I was able to find the lyrics online, because there is no way that I could have transcribed them correctly just from listening to the song – no matter how many times I played it on repeat. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the squeaky voice used throughout the song, either, but that seems to be a trademark of the artist.

From what I can tell by the lyrics, the song seems to be about the classic “gangster”, mostly from using guns to shoot at people (who “plank” to avoid getting hit) and possibly using drugs. The music video seems more about either using drugs or using video games to pass the time during the current pandemic. The two only mesh in concept with the shots heard outside the window towards the beginning of the video and the use of a laser gun video-game style towards the end of the video. There may also be the allusion to “shooting” with the imagery of the artist playing basketball. The majority of the imagery throughout the video, however, seems to do more with Covid-19, considering that everyone is dressed in Hazmat suits with gas masks and every room is cordoned off with caution-tape. The beat of the music does seem to match up a bit with the pulsing of color within the video.

The ending of the music video seems like a reference to the film Men In Black, a movie about the government dealing with an alien invasion. I’m not just talking about the “video game” character growing large and stomping Godzilla-like through a city-setting and the use of a laser-gun to stop this character, but of the small stick the artist holds up at the very end that seems to have two small lights on top. Spoiler Alert (though the movie was released in 1997), In Men In Black, a similar-looking device is used at the end to wipe the memories of the civilians involved with stopping the alien invasion.

The lyrics only slightly align with the music video, which can be frustrating to fans of any genre. The song does use yoga terms to describe the use of guns and how it affects other people, which must be the reason for its title. “Yoga” by 645AR might be enjoyable for listeners who are fans of violent lyrics, though I tend not to be. However, the video is certainly interesting to watch.

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