Jsun The Prophesor Has Some Good Advice..

Jsun the Prophesor came up in the early Austin TX hip hop circuit. His group put in work and went their ways as do many in the live music capitol of the world, Austin TX. In an era of rap when the ability to freestyle was a requirement Jsun the Prophesor blazed his path from Austin TX to Boulder, CO.

Jsun gained traction and heavy rotation on Boulder college radio then came back down to ATX to continue his path to Hip Hop enlightenment. His name fits him well as he is also known to be a professor of the College of Hip Hop Knowledge with Big Mic and Govinachi. Jsun the Prophesor is also in the rap group Akademics with Big Mic and DJ Berlin.

Jsun the Prophesor‘s most current project to release, is his lead single off his upcoming solo album. The single is entitled True Beauty off the upcoming album 9th Symphony. True Beauty asks all of us to search inside and discover what we each individually view as beauty and what that means to us. 9th Symphony has quite a few big features and is an attempt to blend New Era and Golden Age hip hop.

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