Rap Review: MaxMilly – “Amnesia (ft. Lungz)

“Amnesia (ft. Lungz)” by MaxMilly Review

By Gabrielle Lamontagne

There are many songs rap these days about trying to relax despite the chaos of this year, especially in America. “Amnesia” by MaxMilly (ft. Lungz) is another one. That doesn’t mean it’s not good. The lyrics are a little chaotic in the verses, perhaps to match the chaos of the world we’ve found ourselves living in, but the refrain is perfectly clear about trying to have a good time with friends anyway.

is this rap?

The first verse includes trash talk toward other modern rappers and is mostly built around this punch line. Then it goes on to describe why MaxMilly’s music is the best of modern Rap. However, the narrator also says he’s writing while drunk, so perhaps that’s the reason he’s “lost in the music”. It also introduces the fact that the narrator is driving somewhere with friends in tow, looking to hang out, even if they’re not ready yet.

The first half of the second verse doesn’t seem to tie in with the other themes of the verse, but more with the chorus talking about good vibes and good times. The next piece of this verse discusses how people are ready to leap to judgement of anyone whose sins differ from theirs and a life spent with family, while also making references to older rap artists with a play on phrases like “lazy bone”. The end of this is a return to the previous verse content-wise and the beginning of this verse considering the chaotic style.

not regular rap

The music behind the lyrics is slower than most songs considered rap, but it’s better that way. It pairs well with the themes of the song, providing a steady rhythm for the chaotic lyrics. The vocals are faster, of course, but just as steady as the music behind them. It’s actually a rather soothing song to listen to, if you’re not paying attention to the lyrics.

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