Is Steven Hampton Graphic Art’s MVP Of 2020?

Chattanooga’s own, graphic artist, caricature artist and freelance artist, Steven Hampton has been drawing since as far back as he can remember picking up something to write with. Nicknamed “Hampster” by his peers, Steve began his professional career designing tattoo flash at 19 years old. Hampton experienced what losing everything you know and love feels like in January of 2017, when his wife passed away. After searching for purpose and meaning, Steve found inspiration and also the love of his life: in someone who was there some 20 years ago, Tiffany.

In 2019 Steve created Ink & Catnip, a comic web series. Also in 2019, the sought after artist created his Vicious Moments series. This series of characters crosses over genres of everyone’s favorite horror movie icons and those well known porcelain collectable figurines. Steven would soon receive licensing from Cartoon Network on his Rick
and Morty rag doll design.
With Hampton Ink, Inkorporated (his business namesake) Steven collaborated with Levi Deadman mid-2019 and branched out to design for not only him, but Ideal Collective and Loonar as well.

Since being discovered by Levi_Deadman in Sketchathon Art Club’s Facebook group, Steve is now looked upon as Deadman’s merch designer and resident graphics artist for Ideal Collective as well as a member of the group itself.

In 2020 Hampton continued his reign of terror in the world of art, by working closely with us here at, contributing tons of graphic art to our Facebook and Instagram as well as prizes and ideas for Pound the Pavement contests such as the controversial Revenge of the Real Competetion. Hampster’s client list has stretched from the likes of Pennywise, Beautiful Drunk Show, JaySicko, Pound4Lb Clothing, Tall Kyle, the notorious Chop Snake Quality Clothing…. and continues to grow.

Find Hampster’s work or commission the graphic art, caricature, freelance artist directly on Instagram @HAMPTONINKINKORPORATED or Facebook @ HAMPTON INK INKORPORATED DESIGNS

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