I Know People Who Listen to Rap… “Hoe (Slowed and Throwed)” by Kodak Wyte and Stitches

“Hoe (Slowed & Throwed)” By Kodak Wyte and Stitches Review

By Gabrielle Lamontagne

This song certainly lives up to its name and the resulting connection with the Chopped and Screwed music genre. The name itself is both a reference to the lyrical content, which is about a relationship in which the narrator is miserable because the woman he loves cheats, and to the style of music. The phrase “slowed and throwed” is often used to reference the Chopped and Screwed style of slowing down the beat and adding a delayed background track for repetition. Upon first hearing the song, I would have attributed it more to Hip Hop than Rap, since it is so much slower than I’m used to from Rap music.

The lyrics are relatable, though sad, especially for anyone who has been in a similar situation to that of the narrator. Unrequited love, spurned love, broken hearts, and misery in love are certainly not new concepts. The style of music matches well with the lyrical content, as well, considering it’s pace and quality. Certainly someone in such a situation would go over the same thoughts about it over and over in their mind before voicing these concerns to their partner, which is mirrored by the stylistic repetition through most of the song.

A little more than halfway through there is an addition of a faster, synthesized beat with lyrics to match. This second portion of the song also has more lyrical diversity, rather than repeating the same few lines over. The return to the slower style includes some new lyrics mixed in with those from the song’s beginning. The ending verse points toward a happier future for the narrator as it seems he has finally decided to end this toxic relationship.

Altogether it’s a well written piece of music and worth a listen.

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