“Nothing” (feat. Clay-Doh TWD) by Adino Tha Classic – Review

“Nothing” starts off with an ominous vibe and other-worldly synths leading to a beat drop and chorus that really get the listener going.

The chorus sets the tone reminding the listener that talk is cheap.

The words we choose can be our downfall if wisdom is not exercised.

In an overemotional climate the one who stays grounded in logic will be victorious so don’t let your feelings be your undoing, so to speak.

Adino Tha Classic‘s verse is solid with lyrics that suggest to the listener not to underestimate Adino’s life experience and musical expertise.

His cadence and breath control lead me to believe that this single would go over really well in a live performance. Dude got bars.

Clay-Doh the World Destroyer comes in with a second verse that lends wisdom as well.

His vocal tone and delivery fit well with the vibe of the instrumental.

Bars Clay-Doh spits are true to his brand and explain to the listener that they don’t want no smoke.

It’s gems in there worth their weight.

“Nothing” by Adino Tha Classic is dope. I enjoyed listening.

Go add this to your playlist today!


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