I Know People Who Listen To Rap: “GET DOWN” by MATREAH

“Get Down” by Matreah Review

This song has a clean beat behind it. The vocals are nice to listen to as they are not infused with a multitude of synthesis. They’re more raw and therefore more enjoyable.


The lyrics seem to speak of difficulty in daily life, followed by a refrain of wanting to forget daily woes by partying (drinking, sex, and all that a party might involve). The first verse discusses bills, the second verse housing issues, and the final verse transportation and the dream for more material success. Worrying about all of these issues is absolutely relatable. It’s actually quite a common topic for music of all genres. So is the wish for material success (promise of muscle or sports cars, for instance) and the wish to momentarily forget your troubles or be distracted from them by a party. Many of my favorite songs, in fact, are about looking for distraction amidst a world of worries. Certainly, this song is fitting for the terrifying, confusing, surprising state of the world in 2020. So many things have happened so far this year, it seems impossible to be ever truly distracted from them. However, partying the night away with some good friends would definitely help – especially when we’ve been missing our friends during quarantine and the physical affection (ie. hugs) we used to receive from them, since now we can only see them from six feet away or more. The daily grind of the working class has been a hot topic for music and literature since the Industrial Revolution and will probably continue for some time. Partying as a method of escapism is not a new concept either, though it has not been represented in music for quite as long as financial issues. Still, this is another fun treatment of these juxtaposed subjects.

Get Down!

Add this new tune to your party mix, whether you’re finally getting back to seeing friends in person or just chilling at home with your dog and a bottle of beer.

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