I Know People Who Listen to Rap… JaySicko, “Slidin’”

“Slidin” by JaySicko Review by Gabrielle Lamontagne

This song starts with a strong, steady beat without too heavy bass behind it, which is pleasing to the ears rather than grating and harsh. The first verse or so of lyrics is a little harder to understand than I’d like due to an intentional muffling effect. As the lyrics approach the chorus, however, they become clearer to understand.

As a whole this song touches on themes that are both stereotypical of Rap music and Country music, though this one clearly falls into the Rap category. I just mean to say that the themes of working hard for low wages and unfaithful women are common themes (and therefore stereotypes) in both of those genres. These are themes made clear in the song through lyrics such as “gotta get paid” and “gotta stay grindin’” as well as a repetitive derogatory mention of women being unfaithful, and the concept that it is difficult for the narrator(s) to find faithful female romantic partners. These are of course common topics in most forms of entertainment, as they are common themes in the lives of most people. This makes them relatable and therefore more likely to be entertaining to the largest assortment of people simultaneously.

The last verse of the song has lyrics that are easy to hear, but their relation to the rest of the song is fuzzy. It includes a jumble of vague metaphors that don’t strictly comply with the themes earlier in the song. I’m not certain if this is intentional or if the songwriters were confused by the meaning of these metaphors. Perhaps there is a modern association between these metaphors and work life with which I am not yet accustomed. In either case, it does not relate well to the clear and focused imagery earlier in the song. However, these later lyrics are punctuated in an intriguing way with emotive expressions that almost sound like short gasps.

It is certainly worthwhile to listen to the song and draw your own conclusions.

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