William Bagnera

Revere Mass

@billybaggz (everywhere)

Since the age of 4, Billy has been sharpening his creative abilities. From piano to violin, to dance recitals to sports, growing up Billy did it all.
Tap dancing, ballet, street dancing, gymnastics and swimming were instilled into Billy at a young age, and most importantly music.

Billy’s mom would sing Reba Macintire, Garth Brooks, Buster Pointdexer, Mariah Carey, Boys 2 Men, Salt n Pepper and many others with Billy to and from activities. His mom didn’t let him listen to rap, but Billy convinced her to let him have a Kriss Kross album, that changed his life. Billy believes that is how he learned how to rap.

Billy’s Dad introduced the oldies style of music and culture of western and horses along with tons of Frank Sinatra, Rat Pack, other actors and singers and tons of Mafia Flicks. Billy’s dad was a horse racing trainer at the horse track in their hometown and his mom was a paralegal and also an obedience dog trainer on the side.

Billy had a brother that is 3 years younger and was a great athlete if not better then Billy was, and he is much much bigger then Billy as well, he’s around 6”4 290. He currently fights in Ju Jitzu events around the country.

Billy left home at 13 years old. He bounced around most of his life growing up. Family member to family member, girlfriend to girlfriend. Billy always had a job and always kept a side hustle. His dad always stuck by him. Billy hung around much older guys growing up and was often into fights. Billy was not a bully, he would bully the bully.

Billy wanted to get into construction but didn’t know much about it. He became a great iron worker and roofer. He owns a home improvements company today.

Billy had 2 kids. Christopher’s mom is Erica. Nickolis mom is Caterina. Billy dated each of them for 8+ years a piece. The boys are 15 months apart.

Billy started out battle rapping in Boston in a battle league who Chilla Jones was involved with, who later became to be one of the greatest battlers in the world. After many battles, Billy decided to switch it up.

He was door knocking to see if anyone in the community needed a roof when he met Jeff. Jeff was part owner of One Entertainment record label company in Everett Ma. They mostly served the Haitian style music. “When Jeff brought me to the studio I put my beats on and I started to rap. They all got excited and 8 years later and till this day they help me, guide me and have invested time and money in order to help to get me where I am today. They play a huge part. I also worked with Statik Selektah and did an Autism Awareness short film and worked close with them in the studio on a project called OPEN SEASON which was a Celtic’s tribute mixtape and I featured on the track In the Bean featuring Statik’s partner JFK SHOWOFF and also JFKs wife.”

Billy and his first assistant Timmy attended Harvard University music conference 2 years ago and met Bernt Ullmann and Kerry Gordy and their respected family members after the speech. Billy ended up working closely with the Ullmann family. Elle Ullmann is his official manager, Bernt’s wife. Billy has many great mentors and it seems it’s helped him greatly.

Billy has edited over 10,000 videos.
Billy has 100 songs fully mixed and mastered that have never been released on any streaming service.
Billy did release one album: YA FACT VOL 1 in 2013. Billy shoots and edits all his own music videos on his iPhone in 4K quality. Billy can freestyle rap an entire song in the booth, he has done it many times. He only does it when the time calls for it, usually the beat is super hype. Billy makes a lot of his beats on his iPhone as he only likes to work with one beat maker at a time.

Billy has been writing songs and verses every day for over 10 years.
Billy claims writing music, playing violin and piano at a young age along with dance class gave him the edge he has today with hip hop.

Growing up all Billy’s teams won the championships, like year after year. Billy has a gift to make the worst kid on the team play his best and inspire the rest of the team. Billy is a leader.
Billy works very hard and doesn’t like excuses. He is an Aries.

Billy treats hip hop like it’s his child. He knows his hip hop history and he thinks everyone in the game should have to study it. He has had his music played on jamn 94.5 fm Boston radio by DJ CHUBBYCHUBB who actually came to Billy’s house and they had dinner.

Billy is a great salesman, and he can also teach people very well, he carries a special type of patience and children of all ages respond very well to him. Billy don’t do something if he’s not passionate about it. He has a way to make people work for free for him due to his passion and greatness.

Today Billy is basically an independent underground Boston hip hop artist. His current hashtags are whatever project he is working on. He changes up his phrases constantly. He has an assistant currently and seems pretty steady for the last 11 months.

Billy has no plans or hopes on working with any big name rappers except a handful that have inspired him growing up. He is extremely picky who he works with, he takes hip hop very seriously.


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