I Know People Who Listen to Rap… “THICK COUNTRY GIRL” by BEZZ BELIEVE

“Thick Country Girl” by Bezz Believe (ft. Struggle Jennings) Review

By Gabrielle Lamontagne

I don’t usually like songs so explicitly about sex. Not that I dislike songs about sex. I just tend to prefer listening to ones that use metaphors and innuendo to get their point across, like “Fish” by Craig Campbell. “Thick Country Girl” by Bezz Believe (ft. Struggle Jennings) is definitely explicit in its descriptions of sex. However, the overall message is not just about how good the sex is, but about how solid the relationship is altogether. For that reason, I really do enjoy this song.

Many of you, of course, will enjoy the imagery of the specifically sexual scenes described. I don’t deny that the imagery is detailed and works well as a literary device. My favorite lines of this nature in the song however don’t use explicit language, but still bring clear concepts to mind, such as, “biting on her neck, with my hands around her waist.” This evokes the imagery of an intimate relationship without the details that usually make me uncomfortable in this style of song.

As previously stated, this song is about more than physical intimacy. Emotional intimacy is important for most long-term relationships, though it is rarely discussed in rap songs (at least the ones my friends have made me familiar with). “Thick Country Girl” does however discuss the relationship between two happily married people. Not only does the narrator say, “deeply connected, we passionate,” but he goes on to describe a relationship with a “solid foundation”. They’ve been married for a while, but he still intends to “stick to that promise,” which is a refreshing sentiment when compared to the popular rap songs of the past that often focused on cheating partners and unhealthy ways of dealing with such emotions or issues. In fact, this song explicitly states that cheating isn’t an issue with this couple in the line, “we still keep it loyal.” This motif then continues through the lyrics – of a healthy relationship built on trust, passion, and working together to get through issues.

This is one of the most romantic rap songs I’ve ever heard. Although it starts out mainly sexual, about a third of the way into the song, the lyrics begin to take on this more in-depth quality to give us a glimpse of the true nature of the relationship being lauded here. It’s a beautiful sentiment that, “when the time comes, we’re laid to rest in two matching coffins.” This type of song often inspires hope for those not currently in healthy long-term relationships, reminding them – and all of us – that these kinds of relationships are out there and not merely limited to one type of person, but available to anyone willing to put in the work to build them.


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