I Know People Who Listen to Rap… “When I Catch You (ft. Katie Tropp)” by Clay-Doh The World Destroyer

When I Catch You” by Clay-Doh the World Destroyer (ft. Katie Tropp) Review
By Gabrielle Lamontagne

While this song does not fall into the type that I enjoy, I do appreciate the constant barrage of literary and cultural references – such as to the cartoon Fog Horn Leg Horn or Poe’s “The Casque of Amontillado”, let alone the cult classic horror films. The artists involved are certainly verbose and intellectual, mentioning not only these but a wide variety of murder methods ranging from “ball peen hammer” through strangulation to “arsenic”, among others.

There are very clear themes of anger and instilling fear in the listener (the proverbial “you”). This song seems to be the narrative behind the rap artist’s stage name, which can perhaps even be considered a character. The intro to the song points to this possibility, as the lyrics of the song do not seem to otherwise give a reason for the narrator’s anger, rage, or hatred toward “you”.

It is unclear whether this song is meant to drive home the point that humans and life are awful – from lyrics such as “because I find all you humans to be so vile” and lyrics discussing classicism between “your white picket fences” which tend to represent darkness hidden behind a mask of happiness of the ‘idyllic life’ and “Hell’s Kitchen”, a notoriously poor and dangerous neighborhood of New York City. Or whether it is about a specific time, place, and event – from lyrics such as “it’s about Central Texas”. I prefer to think its about the first topics I mentioned, because it seems like a more poetic choice of theme: the discussion about the pointlessness of human existence, especially as we continue to harm one another, and the anger in the current political environment between those with enough to get by and those without.

However, for those who enjoy rap music in general, it will be enjoyable. It has a good back beat and the lyrics are mostly understandable the first time through.

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