Networking in Indy Music

Unless you are Kali the 6 armed Hindu God you couldn’t possibly do all the things required of an artist striving for growth nowadays. You need to be networking to find a producer, engineer, writer, singer, rapper, photographer, choreographer, videographer…
You need marketing and promotion…
The list goes on and on.

Networking can lead to an amazing photoshoot
Networking can lead to creative opportunities

Reaching out to network, however, is arguably the most important. People must know you to like you. These photos are a direct result of what networking can accomplish when two like-minded individuals find each other.

Doing it all alone will not get you as far as networking

Fatal Appeal and Levi Deadman met through networking with another artist, Salus Herb, who is also a member of hip hop music group Ideal Collective. Salus linked the two for Fatal’s podcast Fatal Overdose and they remained in contact since.

use discernment when networking

When opportunity arose and a creative spark ignited, the deadly duo, right out of the obituary, took to the woods to dig a shallow grave. The results of networking speak volumes.

You do not have 6 arms. Face rejection. Face fear. Grow and network. Build a team. You can’t do it ALL yourself and that’s ok. Today is a good day for reaching out.

Reaching out to network can revive your career


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