If You Hate MaxMilly You Are Dead Inside

MaxMilly, coming out of San Marcos Texas, started writing music around 16 years old just writing endless verses with no hooks. But as you grow you learn.

MaxMilly was in a rap duo with a friend he grew up with by the name of Joe G. The group was called SHC (Straight Hustle Click.) They made a few records together but the group didn’t last long and as of now the records they made are all lost. MaxMilly went his own way and started really trying to find his own sound. He would put out music over the years but felt it wasn’t what he wanted to hear…

Fast forward late 2018 going into 2019 MaxMilly dropped the singles Red Eyes, Forever Nightmares, Vibes, Lost Souls and Bad Memories. With the songs just mentioned you can hear that MaxMilly has truly found his sound.

“I want my music to move you and really make you listen,” says MaxMilly. Set to drop his new single Hollow on January 3rd he “loves the track and hopes the world does too,” so be on the lookout because this is one artist coming with a lot more hits in 2020!


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