Expert Advice For Today’s Hottest Artists

What if you could sit with a true expert, someone who’s helped hundreds of people develop their career, and get their advice to map out a great plan… in less time than you ever thought possible?

Introducing Signature Sessions.

Signature Sessions are 45-minute one-on-one conversations between you and one of our music management experts. They know the music game inside out and will help you achieve your goals with a smile. That’s why we call them experts.

During your Signature Session, an expert will offer pro advice on everything you need to build a rewarding music career in the fastest way possible, like for example:

  • How to choose the right songs for your platform and audience.
  • How to customize your brand image for maximum results
  • What content, images, and pages you should be sharing on social media (and why).
  • How to spread the word and get traffic, likes, and followers for your brand.
  • How to establish a solid foundation for your career path to prevent headaches and problems.

The session will be tailored entirely to your needs. In the end, not only will you have answers to your questions but you will be 100x more effective on your way to the music career you always dreamed!

To invest in your 45 minute Signature Session at a special price of $35.00 Click Here!

OR you can purchase your Signature Session by sending payment via Cashapp to $SignatureManagement

Please notice, this offer ends on March 1, 2020. Schedule now to make the most out of it! Regular price for Signature Sessions is $60.00/ 45 minutes.

Note: Signature Sessions are currently available only in English.


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